Strong Backs, Soft Fronts, Wild Hearts With Karen Zwissler

Episode 7 January 08, 2024 00:24:45
Strong Backs, Soft Fronts, Wild Hearts With Karen Zwissler
Configure It Done
Strong Backs, Soft Fronts, Wild Hearts With Karen Zwissler

Jan 08 2024 | 00:24:45


Show Notes

Welcome to the 'ConfigureITDone' Podcast. This is where thought leaders in the SAP space share their insight, methodology, learnings, and unique stories on how to successfully lead large scale SAP Programs.

Today Jay and Chris chat with Karen Zwissler, CEO of SAP Australian User Group.

Karen is passionate about bringing collaborative communities together – speaking a few languages helps with bridging the international distances.  She's been fortunate to have had a privileged international career with SAP – USA, Asia , Europe and since 2007 Sydney. She believes social responsibility and purpose led initiatives should be the core of every organisation. Also, sees enormous value add if academia, governments and industries are coming together driving joint business cases.

This podcast is in partnership with The Black Dog Institute which aims to create a mentally healthier world for everyone. If you wish to support the cause please donate via the link Black Dog Institute - Precision Sourcing 

Hosts: Jay Wynter and Chris Reid

Guest: Karen Zwissler

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Production and Artwork: Andriana Grbevska

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